Approximately 10,000 African asylum seekers work as support staff in restaurants throughout Israel. With a certification in cooking, at one of the most renowned institutions in Israel, our students have the chance to expand their roles as support staff in the kitchen and take on greater responsibilities and leadership roles. In 2018, there are five asylum seekers enrolled in Danon Culinary Academy in Israel. We look forward to enrolling many more. We know that our community is already a vital contributor to Israel’s globally-recognized food culture. Through a degree from Danon Culinary Academy their opportunities within the industry grows, their contribution will become even more recognized nationally and globally.

Adam Khalid

Adam Khalid came to Israel from Sudan in 2008. He currently lives in Tel Aviv and was working as the support staff in the Nike store.

Asmal Abdu

In 2010 Asmal Abdu came to Israel from Eritrea. He was a cook in a restaurant in Tel Aviv where he lives.

Hussein Zakaria

Hussein Zakaria lives in Bnei Brak and has been living in Israel since he came from Sudan in 2007. He was previously the chief steward at a restaurant.

Hamad Ishak

Hamad is from Sudan and arrived in Israel in 2010. He currently lives in Herzliya and was a cook in a restaurant.

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