Support African Asylum-Seeking Community in Israel

Asylum seekers were forced to flee their countries because of constant war, persecution, or violence. They seek sanctuary in another country where they apply for asylum, a right to be recognized as a refugee and receive legal protection and material assistance. Currently, asylum seekers cannot return home or are afraid to do so. Today, nearly 40,000 African asylum seekers live in Israel. Of this total, more than 95% lack legal status. Of the 95%, less than 1% of them attend college. So far, after years’ working with attorneys and the courts only one person of the 1% has been granted asylum status.

The African asylum seekers’ journeys to Israel were harsh, mostly walking through the Sinai desert and subjected to torture, rape, and kidnappings on the way. In Israel, they face daunting challenges, including poverty, discrimination, human rights violations, scarce resources, and low social status. The Israeli government has built a prison and a detention camp in the desert to hold them for varying violations that are often unclear or unexplained and seemingly capricious. Further, the government encourages and pays asylum seekers to go back to Africa (though the government surely is aware of the common knowledge that returnees risk torture and death in their own and other war-torn African countries).


We created the African Community Support Center so we could support not just students but the greater African refugee community. We believe it’s important as part of the African community in Israel to support each other and lift ourselves up in these tough times. Through food we not only take weight off people’s shoulders, but rally the community.

Our Vision

ASO seeks to correct misconceptions of Israeli society about African asylum seekers by promoting understanding and cooperation between Israeli citizens and African asylum seekers through education programs and exchanges.

Our Mission

ASO aims to empower the African asylum-seeking community in Israel by helping them realize their educational and career dreams and become change ambassadors in their communities.


Empowering African Asylum Seekers In Israel

Cooking Team
New Students


Approximately 10,000 African asylum seekers work as support staff in restaurants throughout Israel. With a certification in cooking, at one of the most renowned institutions in Israel Danon Culinary Academy.


ASO empowered asylum seekers who envision to enrich themselves with professional skills to change their life and others surrounding them and to play a vital role in the Israel workforce by becoming truck and taxi drivers. 


Many of our students are asked to take an English proficiency exam before they begin their degrees. To prepare our students for this exam, ASO offers an English preparatory course for three months.

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