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New Students

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Welcome to the annual review newsletter of the African Students Organization (ASO). Over the last year, we introduced new academic projects, expanded our student enrollment and proudly congratulated our ten students on successful completion of their academic programs.
We look forward to an even better year in 2019 and appreciate your continued support!

Congratulations to our 2018 graduates
We shared in the accomplishment of our four students who received their bachelor’s degrees and one who received his master’s degree from IDC Herzliya as well as a sixth student who received his Bachelor degree from the College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan.

Graduate Students

Two New Vocational Programs
Two new vocational training programs were added in 2018, a professional culinary course and a truck driving certification program. Both of these courses were introduced in order to expand career-enhancing opportunities for individuals who preferred to take a vocational route. Furthermore, the opportunity to fill critical jobs in the Israeli labor industry with our community members demonstrates the great value that the asylum-seeking community has on Israel, when given the chance.

Additionally, we are thrilled that four more students graduated from a new program started this year, a culinary course at Danon Cooking School.

New Students Academic Year 2018 – 2021
We have enrolled eleven new students into Universities in Israel, representing a 20% growth in our organizations capacity. This cohort is enrolled in four different disciplines in several academic institutions throughout Israel.

English Preparatory class
2018 saw the continuation of our English Preparatory class, structured to improve language proficiency and to prepare our students for their University entrance exams.

New Students

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