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Tesfazghi Tekle Asgedom

ASO is saying goodbye to it student and former board member Tesfazgi Tekle Asgedom.
Read below the piece of words from Tesfazgi to his community.
“We should be united as Africans and not allow anyone to divide us,” says Eritrean native Tesfazgi Tekle Asgedom, age 38, to ASO and its members. Further, “We must focus on youth whether they came to Israel as teenagers or were born here. And, motivate them to join the journey to higher education.”
The graduate from two secondary schools, Dekemhare and Warsay-Yikealo, Tesfazgi speaks Tigrigna, English, Hebrew, and Amharic. Among his most precious childhood memories is playing traditional games with teenage friends.
In 2012, Tesfazgi arrived in Israel at age 27 where he has been working with his community leadership and volunteering at the Eritrean Women’s Community Center in Tel Aviv while studying at Reichman University (formerly IDC/Herzliya) where he earned a BA degree in Economics and Business Administration.
Tesfazgi chose to earn a college degree, “to increase my awareness that can help me in decision making and improving myself and others.” He credits ASO (he was a Board member till now) with financial and moral support in helping him focus on his studies and where he met fellow Africans with shared ideas and common goals.
Tesfazgi is passionate about commitment and dedication to tasks; social justice and civil rights; and family. So it’s no surprise that his father is his greatest hero. Others whom Tesfazgi admires as leaders and mentors include Nelson Mandela “who saw beyond the freedom of his people to the unity of his country. His forgiveness and humility are lessons for me and many others.”
Tesfazgi enjoys discussing politics, economics, justice, and law, and his ingredients for personal and group success are, “Never give up, hope, plan, and dedication.” Also: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” “Think globally, act locally,” and “Think big, start small.”
With a visa to begin a new chapter in his life, in Toronto, Canada, plans include doing an MA as conditions in his new home allow, doing an internship, finding a part-time job, and focusing on his passions. Staying in touch with ASO is a priority —participating in meetings, contacting staff and members, and representing and serving ASO from abroad.”
ASO wishes Tesfazgi the best as he embarks on this new journey.

Annual Review

Welcome to the annual review newsletter of the African Students Organization (ASO). Over the last year, we introduced new academic projects, expanded our student enrollment and proudly congratulated our ten students on successful completion of their academic programs.
We look forward to an even better year in 2019 and appreciate your continued support!

Congratulations to our 2018 graduates
We shared in the accomplishment of our four students who received their bachelor’s degrees and one who received his master’s degree from IDC Herzliya as well as a sixth student who received his Bachelor degree from the College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan.

Graduate Students

Two New Vocational Programs
Two new vocational training programs were added in 2018, a professional culinary course and a truck driving certification program. Both of these courses were introduced in order to expand career-enhancing opportunities for individuals who preferred to take a vocational route. Furthermore, the opportunity to fill critical jobs in the Israeli labor industry with our community members demonstrates the great value that the asylum-seeking community has on Israel, when given the chance.

Additionally, we are thrilled that four more students graduated from a new program started this year, a culinary course at Danon Cooking School.

New Students Academic Year 2018 – 2021
We have enrolled eleven new students into Universities in Israel, representing a 20% growth in our organizations capacity. This cohort is enrolled in four different disciplines in several academic institutions throughout Israel.

English Preparatory class
2018 saw the continuation of our English Preparatory class, structured to improve language proficiency and to prepare our students for their University entrance exams.

New Students

Taj Haroun form Darfur, Sudan

Taj Haroun is from Darfur, Sudan. He fled Darfur because of genocide and systematic persecution, and he arrived in Israel in 2008 searching for freedom and a place to call home. Taj was involved in activism to promote a better understanding about African refugees and asylum seekers in Israel
After 3 years of his stay in Israel he applied to study Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya. Going to a prestigious school such as IDC was not easy thing for an asylum seeker. Luckily, Taj met with Joey Low who supports African students pursuing higher education in Israel. With Joey’s support and Taj’s hard work, Taj successfully graduated from IDC Herzliya and did his MA in Tel-Aviv University.

Taj and a few others founded The African Students Organization in Israel -ASOI. It is an organization that supports refugees and asylum seekers in achieving their academic aspirations . Taj was unanimously chosen to be the CEO of our organization. He was chosen because of his leadership, diligence and wisdom. Taj is a great leader who maintains friendly and professional relationship with all the members of the organization.

On March 18th, 2019, Taj left Israel for Canada to pursue a better life. In his send-off party he said : “You are my family”. Taj created a family in ASO. He paved the way for many Africans to pursue higher education. He believed that even with difficulties, if we have each other we can overcome all. We thank him for his enormous contribution in our lives and wish him luck in his new journey.

ASO First Culinary Cohort

It’s a New year! This is how we welcome 2019!
What a night! Adam Khalid, Asmal Abdu, Hussein Zakaria, and Hamad Ishak invited us to their end of year dinner and we are so impressed by the five-course meal and beautiful presentation.

Anyway, ASO hope you had great 2019!

Academic Year 2018-2021

Again, it is the beginning of a new academic year 2018! ASO is privileged to present to you our new students class of 2018 – 2021. Students studying in various academic disciplines in different universities in Israel. ASO is thankful to all those that support our cause. We believed with your ongoing support we will […]

Cooking Course

Approximately 10,000 African asylum seekers work as support staff in restaurants throughout Israel. With a certification in cooking, at one of the most renowned institutions in Israel, our students have the chance to expand their roles as support staff in the kitchen and take on greater responsibilities and leadership roles. Currently,there are five asylum seekers enrolled in Danon Culinary Academy in Israel. We look forward to enrolling many more. We know that our community is already a vital contributor to Israel’s globally-recognized food culture. Through a degree from Danon Culinary Academy their opportunities within the industry grows, their contribution will become even more recognized nationally and globally

             Meet our wonderful students from the Danon Culinary Institute’s Class of 2018! ↵