Success Story: Mariama Manteje

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I was born in Malawi and came to Israel with my brother, in 2019. I had heard many good things about Israel’s cultures and people. I am fluent in English and Chichewa, my native language. I can read and write Arabic and Hebrew; I don’t speak either one, yet I practice speaking Hebrew with friends and people I meet on campus and elsewhere. I am studying for a BA in Government and Sustainability at Reichman University; when I graduate, I want to pursue an MA in sustainable development on a subject I don’t yet know.

I chose my major to pursue my lifelong passion for recycling. My most precious childhood memory was collecting perfume bottles for recycling and earning some money for my efforts. I am also passionate about diplomacy and education, and I believe that anyone can give anything such as a small amount of money and secondhand items. Helping and giving feels good; I believe that when you help others, God helps you in return. A college degree can help me express new ideas about entrepreneurship skills such as planning, listening, communicating, and writing that I can apply in business whether my own or others.

I like to discuss entrepreneurship and foreign affairs such as connections between Israel and African countries. I like to give charity, donate to those in need, and learn world history especially of Africa and its cultures.

Studying at Reichman University and meeting students and teachers from different cultures, ethnicities, and countries have been special experiences; as part of the African Student Organization in Israel (ASO), I was happy the ASO Team chose me as a Board member, in 2022.

My mom is my greatest mentor and inspiration; a strong and ambitious woman, she is a go-getter and works super hard to give me a better life such as sending me to good schools with good syllabi and teachers.

Visiting historic cities like Tiberius, Jerusalem, and Jaffa fascinates me. I enjoy frequenting museums such as Herzliya Museum of Art and, in Malawi, the Chichiri Museum and Lake Malawi Museum. I like teamwork, long drives with no destination, and creativity such as in music, cinema, literature, and fashion.

My mottos: Believe in yourself, act, and never quit. Sometimes you have to be silent to be heard.

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