Success Story: Precious Udoh

Precious Success story

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Success Story: Precious Udoh

Twenty-three-year-old native-born Israeli Precious Udoh is an ASO staff member and its Chief Marketing Officer. At Tel Aviv University, she is in her final year as a Digital Society Studies major. She finds the program “interesting and enriching because it combines theoretical and practical aspects of communication and sociology studies.”

At age six, her parents returned for a year to Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, with her and an infant sister. When her parents had returned to Israel with her sister, Precious stayed in Nigeria and moved in with her aunts and grandparents. At age ten, “I started visiting my family in Israel and at age 13 I decided to stay with them.”

“I graduated from Bialik Rogozin High School in Tel Aviv with top grades so when I failed my first year at the university as a biology major, I was humbled and switched to my current major. I had thought everything was easily achieved as in high school, but to succeed, I learned to be intentional about goals and work hard even when feeling self-doubt. So, I try to learn from every experience whether good or bad.” ‘We grow through what we go through’ (source unknown).” Though my teachers, parents, and peers never pressured me to earn a college degree, I felt obliged to take this path, which proved to be one of the best things I have done so far.

American singer-songwriter Beyonce Carter Knowles is a mentor and inspiration to Precious “because she is hardworking and focuses on her career and family goals and on achieving them. I also want to succeed in my career and in my social and family life.”

In the last year, Precious has “been passionate about creating quality relationships with friends and family, emotional fulfillment by doing something powerful, expanding my world view, and being more open-minded and accepting of differences.” Self-growth and self-improvement are critical to Precious who “loves to talk about how we can be better people and do more for ourselves, our friends, our families, and society. Once I graduate, I aim to find a job where I can apply what I have learned and that offers emotional and financial fulfillment.”

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